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AMP Collision Repair

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    AMP Collision Repair

    Adam Podell and the AMP Team in Michiana

    AMP Collision Repair performs the highest quality auto body repairs.

    The AMP team has over 100 years combined experience in auto body repair. Team members have been ICAR and ASE certified.

    AMP Collision Repair is a full service auto body shop. Bring your car in or have us arrange for it to be brought to the shop! You will appreciate AMP’s desire to provide the best craftsmanship and greatest customer service!

    We can help you through every step.
    We will help you deal with your insurance company.

    If You Are in a Car Accident

    We are here to help you get back on the road.

    If you happen to get into a car accident, there are several steps you want to take in order to address all safety concerns, to address all legal considerations, and to begin the insurance claim process.

    The Insurance Information Institute (III) recommends a series of steps to get you through this stressful experience. These steps will aid you in the decision making process.

    Are you injured?

    If you are injured, call 911 or ask someone else to do so. Try not to move if you are seriously injured.

    Are your passengers injured?

    If you are not too hurt, check on the well-being of your passengers. Get on the phone with emergency personnel or ask a bystander to call if anyone is injured.

    If you are able to safely do so and are not injured, move yourself and your car to the side of the road or out of traffic. Turn off your car, use your hazard lights, and set up road flares if you have them.

    In the case of a minor fender-bender or a major collision, call the police. The responding officers will fill out an accident report and document the scene. If the police can’t come, you can go to the nearest police station and complete a report yourself. When you file a claim with your insurer, they may ask for a copy of the police report to help with the claims process.

    After making sure you and any passengers are uninjured, exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver. Check out this article to see a list of what info you should exchange.

    The Insurance Information Institute recommends that you avoid discussing fault when going over the facts with the other driver. When you file an insurance claim, the adjuster reviewing your claim will determine who’s at fault based on an inspection of the vehicles/property damaged, information provided by you and the other parties involved in the accident, and any supporting documentation, like the police report or photographs from the scene.


    In order to help protect yourself, the Insurance Information Institute recommends taking the following steps:

    • Identify the officers.
    • Get a copy of the accident report.
    • Take pictures.
    • Take down names.
    • Talk to witnesses.

    You may want to call your insurance agent while you’re at the scene. That way, they can tell you exactly what they will need to in order to process your claim and what to expect during the claims process.

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